Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Spicy Cranberry Sauce

Finally the Thanksgiving weekend is coming closer which I was keenly waiting for. My son’s school is already closed this week and so there is no hurry in the morning. After couple of years, we are in US during this festive season. Generally we visit India around this time but because of my husband’s office work, we cancelled trip this year. So we are planning to celebrate the Thanksgiving Day in our own way. Since my 6 years old son is very keen on following the local traditions which he learns from his friends, I have to prepare something which is cooked on Thanksgiving Day. He has given a list what he needs in Thanksgiving dinner :-)

Honestly speaking, I have been introduced to the term Thanksgiving Day because of its great shopping deals. It was so exciting to go through the newspaper ads in the first year after we came to USA. I can still remember that we stood in a long queue in the early morning of Black Friday and bought a laptop for my father. It’s very hard to resist yourself from these lucrative deals if you are a shop-alcoholic like me.

Anyway Thanks giving day comes upon the last Thursday of November, a national holiday in the USA. It’s a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year.  Turkey is the main dish of Thanksgiving dinner and that’s why sometimes it’s called Turkey day too. Other than turkey, there are many traditional vegetarian dishes served on this day like smashed potato, wild rice, cranberries in various form, corn bread, followed by some yummy dessert like apple or pumpkin Pie.

Today's recipe is spicy cranberry sauce / cranberry chutney made out of cranberries, goes perfect with Turkey. The recipe is very simple or I should say there is no recipe at all. It’s a kind of mixing and serving but the yummiest! I had this chutney / sauce at one of friend's place and the recipe is borrowed from her. Try this simple recipe and I am sure you would love it.

Recipe of Spicy Cranberry Sauce :

Ingredients :

Cranberry Sauce : 1 can 
Green chilies : few / as per your tolerance (chopped)
Rock Salt : 
Chopped cilantro : a handful

For Roasted Spice Powder ( bhaja Masla ) : 

Whole Cumin : 1 1/2 tbsp
Whole Dry Red Chili : 1 

Method :

1. To make Roasted Spice Powder : Take a pan, add whole cumin seeds and whole red chili. First dry roast them till they are fragrant and then grind into a powder.

2. Take a big bowl, open cranberry can and pour the sauce. 

3. Add the chopped green chilies and rock salt, mix it well. 

4. Then add the chopped cilantro. Again mix and mix. 

5. Let it sit for an hour and finally add the roasted spice powder.

6. Mix again and serve.

It's finger-licking good! 


  1. Spiced cranberry sauce is just perfect for this special day :) beautiful clicks dear... happy thanksgiving

  2. etto bhalo laglo recipe ta... jato taratari pari kore janabo..... thanks for the wonderful recipe...

  3. Wow this looks very interesting.. I have had cranberry juice of kdd harvest very recently and I absolutely loved it… where can I find this cranberry sauce? I am tempted to make this :D

    1. Are you in US? Try it in canned fruit section. In US, it is available in any grocery stores, especially in thanksgiving time. :)

  4. Its looks delicious, but any other ways to have it other than with turkey?

    1. Hi Swarna, yeah it will go well with any other dishes too. It tastes like Indian Chutney :) Can serve either with any appetizer or in lunch or dinner platter.